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The Cattery

The Cattery has been designed with the cats in mind! The 15 by 6 metre building is insulated with roller doors staggered at both ends to give flow through ventilation, when the bistro blinds are rolled up.  The guests sit, watch, and wait from their individual suites for inquizative birds and butterflies in flight above them, or around the mulberry tree just outside.  With a view of the dam with ducks and the occasional kangaroo grassing, is a perfect place to relax watching the friendly interaction. I have the best job in the world, in purfect paradise, I love it...

The new edition to the cattery is the e-ion air purifying system, it's wonderful to be able to set the temperature for comfort.  The tinted bistro blinds work well to
keep the high rainfall out and filter the sunrays for cool cats.

The cat enclosures measure 2 metres high and 2.4 metres deep and vary from .9 to 1.8 metres wide with plenty of room to play on the multi-level platforms.  Each suite has a chair, cushion, scratch pole or carpet patch with a tunnel to hide under and sweep fans above.

Mealtime is twice daily with fresh fish or steak and two different types of Royal Canin dry food recommended from our vet. Special diets and medication is catered for, just bring any instructions along, don't feel silly, it's  all part of the pampering.

Cat litter trays, bowls and floors are cleaned twice daily with a natural insecticide and antibacterial wash, to keep any nasties and smells away.

To keep your pet entertained music, television or movies are played just like home 24/7 and toys supplied with social time gives them the attention they deserve!  With special needs or requirements cattered for.

We live on site and we try our very best to ensure every guest receives the same level of comfort and happiness as at your home.  Familiar bedding and toys may help, if necessary your own vet can be on call, or our 24/7 local vet.

Peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones are safe and happily cared for.  We're just a phone call away.  Holiday updates are welcomed.  Your best to phone between 6am and 11am Monday to Saturday or phone our mobile phones if it's  after 11am.

For the protection of all cats a current
F3 Vaccination card must be provided on arrival before boarding and all cats must be free from FLEAS and TICKS.